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    Democratizing access to sustainability.

  • Why choose SustainSoft

    Build an impactful sustainability strategy for your organization

    We empower organizations with a powerful tool to measure, improve and communicate on their sustainability strategy.










  • How we can help you

    Feeling overwhelmed by zillions of ESG reportings?

    SustainSoft helps you gather all your ESG data in One place.

    Lacking a simple Sustainability strategy visualisation tool?

    SustainSoft lets you turn your ESG data into an ambitious Action Plan.

    Tired of spending hours looking for extra-financial data?

    SustainSoft empowers you to speed up your Sustainability Reportings.

  • What you can benefit from

    Search among your ESG data easily

    Unified Database

    Manage your ESG performance in real-time

    Dynamic Dashboard

    Enjoy pre-filled sustainability reportings

    Framework Factory

  • How we can further assist you

    Understand how you perform in your competitive landscape

    We provide Benchmarking Services that give you a clear vision of how you compare to your competitors.

    Make your ESG information accessible to all your stakeholders

    Discover Passerelle, the open platform for corporate ESG data.

    Leverage your ESG data multiple times

    Enjoy the most comprehensive Sustainability Frameworks mapping.

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