• Democratizing carbon assessment for companies.

    Use our module Climate by SustainSoft to calculate your carbon emissions. For free.

    • Learn how to measure your emissions across Scope 1, 2 & 3

    • Set clear emission reduction targets and trajectories

    • Certify and communicate your engagement

  • Join 300+ organizations and benchmark your carbon footprint via the Climate Act Initiative

  • Why use SustainSoft to track your carbon footprint?

    A single platform to measure your ESG performance.

    Calculate right away your company's carbon footprint for free

    You can create a free access to collect your data and calculate your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions every year



    Upgrade to manage your emissions reduction

    Become a member to get access to the carbon targets and trajectories simulator and to manage your own action plans


    Certify your emissions and your engagement with a dedicated carbon expert

    Certify your carbon measurement and become your own impact expert thanks to our accredited partners



    Enjoy an all-in-one platform

    Carbon monitoring is only part of your overall ESG strategy. Gather all your ESG data in a single place with SustainSoft

  • We rely on recognized methodologies adapted to your sector